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Have cladding installed professionally in West Columbia, SC

If your home or business needs siding installed or repaired, Aaron Guaranteed Construction LLC has the experienced siding contractors for you. Whether you need worn-out siding replaced or want to install new siding, we’ll provide you with a quote and discuss your best options for materials. We use premium siding, not contractor grade, for all of our projects. You’ll also receive a three-year workmanship warranty on all of our services. Call 803-223-8061 today to schedule an estimate.

Call a Siding Contractor Today!

Call a Siding Contractor Today!

6 reasons to replace your siding

Your home’s siding is important because it protects what’s inside against the elements. There are various signs that it’s time to replace or repair your siding, including:

  1. Your siding is cracking so that water penetrates it
  2. It’s bowing, allowing room for pests to get in
  3. It has rotting or damaged areas
  4. Paint inside your home is peeling
  5. You’ve noticed damage from weather or animals
  6. Your siding is moving and won’t stay in place

Talk with a professional siding contractor to discuss options for your building in West Columbia, SC today.